Trivia - Test your Knowledge!

In the Champion Master Trivia you will test your knowledge about the Champions in League of Legends, where you can chose your best champions (Based on your champions mastery), random or specific champions; and show how much you know about them with questions of multiple answers that'll give you a mastery level depending on how much you know about that champion.

Random Champion Select Champion Your Best Champion

Finder - Be fast and find your best champions!

In the Champion Master Finder, you must find your best champions ( Based on your Champions' Mastery Score ) wich are scattered in a grid that contains your top 10 champions! Only the best of the best will give you points, also the more mastery points it has, the more points you'll earn but it will be less times in the grid. For each level, the champions will worth more points, the last one will be removed and you'll have less time!

In this game mode all the levels and games are unique, even when the summoner name is the same, since all data is printed completely random! This achieves that there is a different gaming experience for each user.

NOTE: You can't play if you don't have at least 10 champions with mastery points!

Find your Champions Top 10 Scores About

Destroy the Nexus

In Destroy the Nexus, you must be fast and quick by pressing the correct spells to destroy the nexus that has a life equal to the champion mastery points of your best champions (Top 10). The Spells will approach to their key, and the closer they are when you press the key the more damage you deal to the nexus, but if you miss, you'll receive damage.

You think you can reach the maximum level using your best champion?

Destroy the Nexus Top 10 Scores About